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Donna Deal

Donna was born in Camp Le June, North Carolina in 1951 and lived many of her first years as a young child traveling from place to place as a Navy brat. Her parents divorced when she was 5 years old and leaving the family separate and apart for many years making growing up difficult at times. Donna loves living at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and enjoys the peace and tranquil feelings of the countryside. After retiring in 2012, she decided to take on her dream of writing and publishing books as an Author. She likes to cook, travel, dancing and enjoying the great outdoors having cookouts!


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Of the many life lessons we learn at an early age, learning to always speak the truth is often the first and most important rule we are given. For in telling the truth, honesty and open communication help build and improve a relationship, whereas a lie can take hold like a sickness, growing and spiraling so far out of control that lives are changed forever. As Bo Bennett once said, “For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.”

 In author Donna Deal’s Naughty Nata, the author delves into the power of lies and secrets and how it can impact others. Within this short story, the author follows a young woman and her friends, who become obsessed with why their husbands and significant others are so drawn to going to strip clubs on their golf trips. In an effort to better understand them, the women go down to Myrtle Beach, SC, and attend the same strip club in an effort to see why their husbands are so drawn to these exotic dancers. What they find that night changes their lives forever.

 This is quite a powerful and impactful short story. The characters were well developed and their driving force and passions were greatly detailed in such a short span of time. One thing which I should note is that the final chapters of this book to dip more into the erotic thriller genre and as such explore some themes involving sex slavery, which could be triggering for some readers, so thus reader discretion is advised. However, the exploration of how a simple lie could lead to such a downward spiral of events was so perfectly written, and the morphing into the thriller narrative, as well as the haunting ending, will keep readers on the edge of their seat, shocked and terrified by how close to reality this plot hits home to what can quickly transpire for so many women.

 The author crafted a truly unique and creative narrative which speaks to those who enjoy erotic action and adventure stories with a hint of erotic thriller elements. It also is perfect for those who enjoy short stories and quick reads. I found the story to be perfectly developed and engaging in such a short span of time, and the narrative engaging as a whole.

 Haunting, gripping, and shocking, author Donna Deal’s Naughty Nata is a must-read erotic thriller short story. The captivating narrative hooks readers early on, and the terrifying twists and turns the narrative takes in the final chapters of the book will not only have readers surprised, but also eager to see the next entry into this haunting series of stories.

— Jack Chambers

A very descriptive and entertaining book with a story. Leaves you wanting more to read!

— Dawm Lacy


The Book

Naughty Nata

In the beginning, Annette, who is obsessed with why golfers participate in the activities of strip bars on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, decides to do her own investigation on why a husband would come home with the smell of exotic perfume and make up on his golf shirt. She decides to work out her frustrations by getting a group of other housewives to go on a short vacation to experience what the life of a stripper is all about and why it has become the in thing to do with the majority of men who take a week every year to head for the Golf Capital of the World. These guys not only shoot for who plays the better golf but they follow up by hitting the strip clubs for the nightlife away from home fun and games that suck hundreds of dollar bills out of their pockets and give them the half-naked entertainment that goes along with it!

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Anna Bella

Anna Bella is a sequel to Naughty Nata written and published. It’s been ten years since the kidnapping of four women who started out so innocently investigating a group of golfers in the Golf Capital of the World, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to find out why they were so fascinated with strippers. This devastating and dangerous event changed their lives forever. The Russian underground has constantly solicited us with propaganda concerning families of those of us who have become sex slaves to the Russian Federation Militia. They used Cybercrime to detect the whereabouts of our loved ones and follow them throughout their everyday lives. Caught in the middle of the Civil War between the Ukrainians and Pro-Russian Forces, these women fight their way out of the Underground. Their treacherous and not to mention tortuous journey through the Carpathian Mountains, is led by their dear friend Tina and her helicopter pilot. Retaliation sets in as these women take part in the fighting for their freedom and to save themselves from these savages.

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In writing this story about my father, whom I cared for in his last stages of Alzheimers, you will experience along with me, the many episodes of emotional and physical occurences that so affected all our lives. Caring for a family member was not only the hardest caregiver position I ever had but it was heart-wrenching and sometimes the ability to take care of myself, putting me at risk for anxiety, depression and issues with my own physical health.

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Donna Deal Writes Screenplay for Sensual yet Powerful Naughty Nata; Ready, Worthy of Movie Adaptation

Author Donna Deal’s short read Naughty Nata, which brings readers to the edge of their seats in her gripping yet sensual tale of Annette, is now ready for a movie adaptation as the author herself drafted a screenplay for it.

Turning any book into a film is a big task, and Deal had her hands full in adapting Naughty Nata for the big screen. Upgrading her art of storytelling, Deal is ready to take the movie industry by storm as she crafted a screenplay for her book.

The plot revolves around Annette, a married woman who is obsessed with why golfers engage in strip bar activities while on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. She decided to conduct her own investigation into why her husband would come home wearing exotic perfume and makeup on his golf shirt.

The plot thickens when the heroine joins forces with other housewives to take a short vacation to experience what life as a stripper is all about, and why it has become the in-thing to do for the majority of men who travel to the Golf Capital of the World for a week every year.

While some find it an impossible task to fit every single detail and timeline into a film adaptation, author Deal added more scenes to strengthen the plot and character development book readers should look forward to.

With the whirlwind of events and unpredictable plots coming, Naughty Nata is more than what meets the eyes. It’s an eye-opener on relevant dark issues no one sees coming while still creating a movie that could be R-rated and be seen by a larger portion of the movie-viewing population.

Donna Deal writes as her passion for telling relevant and serious issues through the art of storytelling. It is her way of raising awareness of certain causes. Writing for a film is a new experience for her.

Don’t miss her alluring yet powerful Naughty Nata now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Read more